MekaMon Berserker - White
MekaMon Berserker - White
MekaMon Berserker - White
MekaMon Berserker - White

MekaMon Berserker - White

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 The Next Level Hybrid Gaming Platform 

The world’s first gaming robot, MekaMon is a real-life battle-bot with next-gen augmented reality gameplay. Master your skills as a Pilot and own the battle arena with next level robotics, gaming, and AR.

Customise and upgrade your MekaMon with extra shields and weapons to open new ways to play and develop your own personal tactical approach. 

MekaMon Robot: 

MekaMon features 4 legs, each with 3 degrees of movement to enable swift, fluid movement, and 7 slots for extra weaponry. 

A MekaCore battery pack slots into the centre and powers the robot for an hour and a half per charge. With 4 IR sensors, MekaMon is able to react accurately to individual attacks and recognise physical barriers in the real world. 

Connect to MekaMon with the free iOS or Android app through Bluetooth and control your battle-bot from your smart device.


FreeDrive: Sandbox Pilot Mode - Take control of your MekaMon and adjust height, gait and stance in a free-play exploratory pilot mode with no limits.

Battle Mode: One on one combat - Two battle-bots fight it out in real life until only one remains standing. 

AR Mode: Single player campaign - Test your pilot skills by facing off against increasingly intelligent AI enemies in this wave-based shooter.

Arcade Mode: A continually updated roster of classic arcade game experiences that place MekaMon at the helm of quick to start, fun to play mini-games.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x MekaMon 
  • 1 x AR Playmat
  • 1 x MekaCore Battery and Charger
  • 2 x Fury Rifles
  • 4 x Light Armour

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